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Spellbook Airbrush Texture Brush Set for Photoshop

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Add some filth and analog character to your digital airbrush works, with a unique grain shader brush set based on scans of real airbrush, featuring a variety of grain sizes and baked-in textural effects.

I made these Photoshop brushes for my own use as a visdev artist for animation, and have refined them as I've worked with them on real world projects.

Paint used: Golden High Flow Acrylics
Airbrush used: Paasche Talon Gravity Feed Airbrush
Paper used: Strathmore 300 Bristol
Scanner used: Fujitsu fi-6670 Production Scanner

To mimic the effect of spraying through templates and frisket masks, use the lasso tool to draw a shape as a selection first, then switch to your brush of choice, and begin shading that selection from the edges inward.

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See here for more examples of what these brushes can do:

v2.0 (2023-Oct-10)
- Added brush guide for v2.0

v2.0 (2023-Sept-29)

Release Highlights
- Name changed to Spellbook Airbrush to avoid confusion with a competing product.
- Major expansion! The set is now 30 total brushes across 7 categories (13 new brushes added to the collection -- count does not include Bonus brushes)
- Liners added by request (made from new scans of smaller paint dots -> grain is preserved [vs scaling down a larger brush])
- Subtle and Speckle categories expanded by request
- Brand new category added: Duotone brushes.*
*The Duotone brushes sample the foreground and background color, and mimic the effect of running two colors through a gravity feed airbrush cup at once. I've been painting with these a lot lately and am excited to share them.
- Bonus Experiments now known as Bonus Concept Brushes, adjusted to be more useful to concept artists. That said, they are still experiments!
- 5 total bonus brushes
- Shipped without v2.0 Brush Guide (coming soon)

v1.7 (2023-Sept-28)

Release Highlights:
Minor tweaks to a few brushes.

v1.6 (2023-Sept-27)

Release Highlights:
17 brushes in 6 categories (Subtle, Speckle, Radial, Splatter, Edge Shaders, and Stamps), plus a few Bonus Experiments (BEs were not included in the official brush count).

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30 airbrush texture brushes for Photoshop


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Spellbook Airbrush Texture Brush Set for Photoshop

3 ratings
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